Traffic Management System | Projects

Traffic Management System
Score  1st Place | (Distinction+) "117%"
Course  Database
Year  2011

Traffic Management System is a database based system to follow up with the Traffic System needs, recording irregularities, storing driver licenses, mapping streets, managing staff members & etc.

C# & Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

My Role
I was in a team of four members and my role was:
  1. Participated in the ER Diagram, entities & relationships.
  2. Participated in the Schema Design, entities & relationships.
  3. Designed two entities: Street & Traffic Committee with their relationships.
  4. Designed the two entities in SQL with their relationships.
  5. Developed the Edit & Update functions in SQL & Windows Forms interfaces.
  6. Developed the system authentication Windows Forms interface.
  7. Developed the Driver Windows Forms interface & SQL queries.
  8. Designed the logo of the application.
  9. Participated in populating data.
  10. Participated in testing & debugging the whole application.