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Logic Circuit Simulator
Score  1st Place | (Distinction+) "111%"
Course  Programming Techniques
Year  2010

Complicated logic circuits can be very hard to trace, this is why computer-aided design of logic circuits is necessary. One of the very powerful tools is a simulator, which simulates the operation of an entire logic circuit and predicts the outputs based on the inputs.

This C++ application is to design, simulate and trace any logic gates circuit.

C++, OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts like: Inheritance & Polymorphism, CMU Graphics Library & Factory Design Pattern

My Role
I was in a team of four members and my role was:
  1. Participated in the main scenario of the application.
  2. Saving circuits into files.
  3. Loading circuits from files.
  4. Labling components in the circuit.
  5. Moving components in the circuit.
  6. Graphics & Interface Design.
  7. Participated in Input classes & functions.
  8. Participated in Output classes & functions.
  9. Participated in "Application Manager" Class.
  10. Participated in building circuit components.
  11. Participated in "Inserting components into the circuit" actions.
  12. Participated in testing the whole application.